CRM for Logistics

No matter what industry, a CRM is considered on of the most important tool to control relationships with customers and partners. Maintaining trustworthy relations with customers is a strategic for logistic businesses. CRM helps companies better understand customer needs and behavior.

Custom WebWork Evolution CRM for Logistics will deliver you:

  • Strong relationships with your customers
  • Full 360-degree picture of each customer
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Ease project management processes
  • Increase business efficiency

With our Custom CRM software you will have a significant advantage over your competitors. Custom-based WebWork Evolution CRM is the instrument that you need to succeed.


Some Of Our Features

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Time Tracking


You will be able track employees activity and see statistics about their work

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Project Management

Columnar project structures

You can create subtasks, unit them in one large group and update them at a time.

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Document management

Create, edit and distribute documents, reports,spreadsheets and presentations between employees.

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Contact Management

Organize your interactions with your customers from centralized location in the easiest and fastest way.