CRM for Real Estate

Every person much or less familiar with Real Estate industry know that the only way to success in this sector is creating good and trustworthy relationship with customers. In this industry you must have a 360 degree view of your clients and always be one step ahead of your competitors. WebWork Evolution clearly understand it and that’s why we are confident that our individual-based CRM for Real Estate will be the best solution for any Real Estate agency.

WebWork Evolution for Real Estate will give you an opportunity:

  • Build custom workflows to automate client communication without losing the personal touch
  • Get a 360° overview on all your client
  • Agents will be able deal with high volumes of information and make it easy to keep it accurate
  • Track end-to-end sales and optimize your business performance and efficiency

Our CRM for Real Estate services institutions enables organizations to grow their client base without diminishing customer service.

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Some Of Our Features

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Time Tracking


With different screenshot modes you will be able more clearly understand how your employee works.

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Project Management

Visual task boards

Interactive dashboards help align all team members towards common work and track members activity.

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Payroll integration

With this feature you will be able organize all the tasks of employee payment and be ensure that your hourly employees are paid accurately and on time.

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CRM software will automatically collect data and analyze it.