Well-organized business processes is a key point of successful and profitable company. One of the tools that helps to establish effective business processes is HRM (Human Resource Management) system. Human resource management system is core of every business, it can track a lot of processes, like employee onboarding or performance management. It has a wide variety of types, in general, it is categorized in main 3 group: HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), HCM (Human Capital Management). WebWork Evolution gives you an opportunity to select features from any of these categories and with the help of our experienced experts built your individual and unique HRM software. WebWork Evolution HR system will give you a chance to improve your team performance, save labour hours, make business processes more effective.

With WebWork Evolution HRM software you can be confident about:
With our software you will save your time and will be able use it without assistance or special training.
We vouch for our custom developed softwares security
Our custom HRM softwares can be integrated with a lot of services that will help save your employees time.

Managers say that HR software has improved their hiring process by


HR Softwares can improve companies efficiency by


The percentage of Recruiters and Talent managers using recruiting or applicant tracking software is about


Companies with new HR systems see cost savings of per employee by


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HRM Features

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Payroll integration

With this feature you will be able organize all the tasks of employee payment and be ensure that your hourly employees are paid accurately and on time.

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Smart emails

You will be able to use any email service provider that will suit your business and to your preferences.

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Document management

Create, edit and distribute documents, reports,spreadsheets and presentations between employees.