Project Management

When the team faces a lot of different tasks, it is very difficult to manage them. To execute the project on time and to keep within the budget all business processes should be regulated. Managers should always be in touch with team members and aware about that at what stage is a project. Custom WebWork Evolution Project Management software gives you an opportunity to organize work in the quickest and the easiest way. With our custom-developed system project managers and business owners will be able to manage projects, clients, team members, tasks, and many more. You will be able to design your own unique Project Management software by picking up only the features that suits to your business.

Our offered features that will be definitely useful for you:
Our applications have intuitive and comprehensible user interface, you will be able use them without assistance or special training.
Every manager for performing effective project needs frequently updated information across the organisation, that’s why employees need real time access to the updated information.
Collaborate and communicate with your team inside one tool without switching between different softwares.

The percentage of companies using Project Management softwares is nearly


The percentage of businesses that only use one project management system


The percentage of high-performing companies using Project Management softwares is nearly


The percentage of organisations which believe that project management is critical to business performance, success and growth


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Project Management Features

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Project Management

Columnar project structures

You can create subtasks, unit them in one large group and update them at a time.

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Project Management

Data visualization

With this tool you will see end-to-end progress of your project ,reveal trends and opportunities.

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Project Management

Visual task boards

Interactive dashboards help align all team members towards common work and track members activity.